Navata Yoga


Are you feeling run down or stressed?

Needing some restful 'me-time' but unsure where to find it?

Do you have physical ailments that need some loving attention?

Or do you have a child who struggles to concentrate in school who needs some help?

Nicky's yoga classes for adults and children are for you.


The benefits of Yoga are numerous:

For The Body
Improving posture, balance, flexibility, strength, development of core strength, improvement of digestion and circulation

For The Mind
Increases focus and calmness, relieves tension and stress, balances energy

For the Spirit
Supports self-confidence and self-esteem

All people, young and old, who participate in yoga, learn to develop the essential skills for a healthy life and a wellness in mind, body and spirit...

Adult Classes
At Navata Yoga, Nicky offers a combination of Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga styles. In doing so, she ensures that she can address the needs of each individual student.

Hatha Yoga is focused on gentle movements which helps you to wind down after a class or at night. On the other hand, Ashtanga Yoga is physically demanding and well suited to those looking to push the body (although these poses can be modified to suit any student). Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing yoga, moving from one pose (asana) to the next while Iyengar Yoga uses props which are helpful in assisting the student to experience a pose that they may find difficult. Nicky offers blocks, straps and wall ropes for this. Restorative Yoga is helpful to restore energy or wind down after a long day or quieten the mind. Nicky also incorporates Panayama Breathing (Yogic breathing) to energise the body and quieten the mind.

Children's Classes
Yoga helps children - just like adults - believe in their self-worth, feel comfortable in their bodies and be in touch with who they are.
Children’s classes are based on imagination and expressive movements. Younger children may be encouraged to focus their attention on a story or a favourite place or colour to aid attention. Older children are challenged by balancing poses and may create their own poses in class. Nicky will teach your children how to find calmness within themselves and within the world around them.

By weaving creativity with traditional yoga, Nicky will give your children an experience like no other...

Yoga Classes
Day                                     Time
     Thursday                           11:15 - 12:35am, adults
                             Thursday                            4:15 – 5:15pm,  children, 8yrs and over
    Friday                                 9:30 – 10:50am, adults
              Sunday                                9 – 10am, adults, Restorative

Call Nicky on: 0488 333 139 to ensure a spot in one of her classes.