About Kombucha

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a probiotic tea drink drink that can aid digestion, reduce inflammation, improve mood and generally stabailise the intestinal cultures.

It targets the liver, blood and digestive system. The culture in kombucha is a healthy bacteria called a 'Scoby'. Upon drinking, millions of organisms flood through the digestive system attacking harmful yeast viruses that contrubute to conditions like herpes, arthritus, constipation and more. About half a cup in the morning and at night, on an empty stomach if possible, is all you need to benefit from this drink.

Nicky flavours her home-made kombucha with various ingredients such as cinnamon, lemon, vanilla, many spices and more. Call to try some of Nicky's brew today!


Come and enjoy a fun afternoon of Kombucha making with Nicky at her house in Upwey. Indulge in homemade chai tea, brewed coffee, nibbles and cake. Taste a variety of flavoured Kombucha tea. Take a walk in her garden or sit on the patio and just leave it to your senses.

You will learn how to make and flavour kombucha. At the end of the afternoon you will take with you:
  • A starter kit (includes scoby in a 3 litre jar of brewed tea).
  • 2 bottles of flavoured kombucha of your choice.
  • Nicky‚Äôs own kombucha recipe with care instructions and tips.

Workshop time:
Sunday 25, September, 2016
Starting at 2 - 5 pm
Cost: $85 per person
Please email Nicky for enquiries and further dates.

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